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Odoo CRM module is particularly constructed to administer current and prospective customers successfully. It permits companies to check every lead/opportunity in a single location, administer them from one stage to another, and examine the outcomes.

Odoo CRM module permits enterprise managers and sales executives to follow their potential and collect the appropriate details in a sole integrated location. In addition, Odoo CRM diminishes the amount of work of enterprise allies and gives them access to easily segmentable and properly-envisioned data.

Target Real Customer with Odoo CRM

With Odoo CRM the companies can get the track of the leads that may get converted into customers. It helps in targeting the real customer and gives the opportunities to the company to maintain the maximum details of the leads so that the company can take follow ups with them on the basis of that data.

Systematize Your Possibilities With Odoo CRM

Odoo Customisation Arrange your possibilities so you can stay concentrated on the improved deals. Supervise each customer's communications from the possibility such as emails, internal notes, meetings phone calls, and quotations.

Track possibilities that attract you and be informed about particular events:, stage changed, new customer demand, deal won or lost etc.

Features Of Odoo CRM Software

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Priorities Actions

Effectively prioritize the follow-up activities that are there in the pipeline and fulfill your targets

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Monitor your sales activities

Monitor the sales stages smoothly and successfully with the sales pipeline Kanban view.

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Schedule Meetings

With the Odoo CRM software you can easily and directly schedule the from the opportunity of customer

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Obtain all the compulsory information of ‘in progress’ and ‘accomplished enterprise activities’ in your Dashboard

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Get connected with customers

It keeps interaction with customers through email, chat, phone,and social media inside your Odoo CRM.

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Leads Promotion

Begin campaign by auto-generated emails to clients in Leads.
Allocate a salesperson to track the lead and market it to you.

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Opportunities Analysis

In this, with advanced filters, grouping, drill-down, etc, you can examine your possibilities using a Odoo CRM pipeline.

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Lead Scoring

Score your leads, assist explicit and implicit standards and evaluate which lead fulfills the criterion to turn into an opportunity.

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Customized Alerts

Establish custom alerts for possibilities assisted several activities

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Analyze Opportunity lost

Examine the explanations, tail the loss of possibilities and enhance your sales strength.

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Automate routines and Focus on sales

It automatizes your regular business action, so there is no requirement to waste your time maintaining data.

Enhance The Effectiveness Of Your Sales Force

To enhance and assist the work of your sales force, this open source software provides a modern, intuitive and user-friendly user interface that can be utilized both on a determined or mobile workstation.

There are many contacts that need to be managed by your sales force, and activities to arrange and track. The marketing director requires tools to be capable of pursuing the work of his team. And by all means to do all this, the sales department requires software that is user-friendly, intuitive and contemporary. No problem, there is software that permits you to do this, it permits you to do even further.

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Drive Engagement with Gamification

Strengthen good habits and enhance win rates with real-time appreciation and rewards motivated by game mechanics . Straighten sales teams approximately clear business targets with difficulties, personal goals and team leader boards.

  • Leaderboards
    Encourage leaders and competition with sales teams with execution ratios.
  • Personal Objectives
    Allocate clear objectives to users to adjust them with the business targets.
  • Team Targets
    Compare earnings with predictions and budgets in real time.

Secure Better Perceptibility With Odoo Crm Software Solutions

Kalibroida CRM open source software solution is best that assists to guarantee improved visibility into the performance of the team. And it is the impeccable development service for companies to maximize the sales procedure. Being a trustworthy and reputed CRM development company Kalibroida, you could smoothly depend on our services to obtain the best outcomes.

ELead Automation and Marketing Campaigns

Utilize Kalibroida marketing campaigns to automate lead attainment, pursuit and promotions. Determine automated activities depending on triggers.
Improve campaigns from lead to conclude, on each channel. Make intelligent decisions regarding where to invest and display the effect of your marketing actions on the bottom line of the company .

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Administer And Run Your Company With Odoo Crm Solution

Kalibroida open source CRM software services might better fit your enterprise and assist you administer and run your company successfully. We provide profitable and quality open source CRM solutions that your enterprise may require to accomplish the wonderful height of company success. Odoo CRM open source even assists your business track leads, close possibilities, and obtain precise forecasts.

Kalibroida provides the Odoo CRM development service open source to give precise forecasts and utilize useful data to create a superior business decision.


At any pipeline stage, there will be choices ‘Mark Won’ and ‘ Mark Lost’ for an opportunity. One time the needs are created appropriately you can tick on the mark as won. So it will be transferred to the WON stage and therefore go ahead by creating quotations.
Contrarily, the client retreat or for any cause, the possibility is not adequate, it can be considered as lost. Furthermore, you have to refer to the lost cause. Therefore the possibility will be eliminated from the possibility list. Moreover, the lost one can also be rehabilitated if needed.

With the anticipated earnings, the future sales of the business can be examined in Odoo. Furthermore, the anticipated income is the predictable compensation of products and services and extra profits that the business will obtain. By selecting the Pipelines beneath the reporting tab of the CRM module, it is described with the information of anticipated earnings established by the possibilities.

You can utilize the ‘ADD’ button within the sales team to include team members.

Yes, from the possibility or lead list, you need to click on the sales person after that a chat box will emerge to interact with them.