Make Blogging Experience More Advanced With Open Source Odoo Blogging Platform

An extremely significant characteristic of Odoo is blogging. Utilization of the CMS structure guarantees an extremely efficient user interface to a user. Odoo blogs assists a business to use such platforms for appropriate technological or practical characteristics of their products and offers a platform for interactions. This even promotes the sharing of media documents and news ahead with the conversational write-ups regarding the products and services given by a business. As blog posts are smoothly sharable on other platforms containing Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter,and other social media, it operates as a multimedia-based interaction instrument. Odoo allows blog articles management in the Odoo backend. Odoo CMS editor permits a person creating web to do this. A user will merely have to utilize the drag and drop facility to position the content and utilize snippets. Odoo CMS even offers a collection of snippets. In case you wish to look at the blog support of Odoo for your site, visit Odoo Apps and then install Odoo Website and then Blogs. As part of the Odoo Website, Odoo Blogs App will be installed.

Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy With Odoo Blogging Platform

Concentrate on Production of Content, Leave the Tedious Back-end Behind

Just sit down and begin to write. With odoo blog in no time you can get started. The user-friendly drag & drop characteristic will provide you a blog with alluring design that’s mobile-responsive and looks amazing out-of-the-box.

Odoo blogging platform

On Any Device Make Your Blog Readable

It Offers a Responsive Platform to Remain Near to Your Audience.

Now you can read your favorite blog posts from anywhere at any time. On Odoo Website your blog is embedded and consequently operates absolutely on desktop, tablet and mobile.

 Odoo blogging platform

Involve and Maintain Your Audience on Every Platform

With Odoo Open Source Platform Your Blog Posts Will Get Shared Easily

  • At the end Comment on a blog post or annotate paragraphs in it.
  • Smoothly share on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and improve your strategy for content. Smoothly share on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) and improve your strategy for content.
  • Highlight every sentence and produce a tweet automatically at the click of a button.
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Increase Your Subscribers With Call-to-Actions

Get Repeated Visitors and Enhance Your Blog Traffic

Smoothly gather the email addresses of your readers with a pop-up of the smart Newsletter registration that emerges when visitors are almost ready to leave the page.

Features of Odoo Blogging Platform

As You Type- Visualize

Odoo's special 'edit inline' technique makes developing a blog astonishingly simple. No code needed, what you view, what actually you get.

Front End Managemente

Straightforwardly modify the content in just a click from the front end: without any difficult back end to handle.

Word Processor Text Editing

Establish and update your text content with the help of an editor designed to imitate the experience of word processors.


Smoothly choose the name of a coworker to give blog post authorship.

Categories & Tags

Permit people to browse with the help of tags and categories: assist people search the content they are looking for even more swiftly.

Social Media Call-to-Action

Enable visitors to follow you and obtain your blog posts through email without any effort and there is no requirement to register. In one click your visitors will share their favorite blog posts smoothly.


On the selected part of the blog Comment directly on the similar line, or beneath the text.

Bootstrap Themes

In your Odoo CMS website embed your blog and simply design your personal Odoo templates recognition to a transparent HTML structure and a bootstrap CSS.

Fluid Grid Layout

Odoo CMS building blocks utilize a mobile-responsive fluid grid system that permits you to build the greatest layout equivalent to the devices on which the site is shown.


Yes, the platform offers your visitors details in real time straight on your website. No requirement for particular chat servers as a pop-up chat window emerges on the screen immediately when someone visits your site.

Yes, you can recognize which campaigns are the most efficient in alluring visitors to your site and producing revenue.

Get expert standard translations with the help of professional translators. Odoo will upgrade any changes you create to your master page in other languages on your site.

Accomplish improve conversion rates and enhance your ranking on search engines and allure more significant leads