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Amazon EFS

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) gives a simple, elastic file, scalable, system for Linux-based work for use with AWS Cloud requirements and on-campus resources. It is made to scale on order to petabytes devoid of disrupting applications, growing and dwindling automatically as you put in and take away files, so your applications have the cargo space they require – when they require it. It is premeditated to give extremely parallel shared right to use to thousands of Amazon EC2 instances, enabling your applications to achieve high levels of summative throughput and IOPS with unfailing low latencies. Amazon EFS is a entirely managed service that needs no changes to your presented applications and tools, providing admission through a typical file system interface for seamless amalgamation. There is a regular and an occasional Access storage class accessible with Amazon EFS. Using Lifecycle Management, records not used for 30 days will automatically be moved to a cost-optimized Infrequent admission storage class, providing you an easy way to save and use active and infrequently accessed file system data in the same file system while decreasing storage costs by up to 85%. Amazon EFS is a local service saving data within multiple Availability Zones (AZs) for high accessibility and stability. You can manage your folder systems across AZs, locals, and VPCs and transfer files between many of Amazon EC2 instances and on-campus servers through AWS Direct Connect.

Amazon EFS is properly made to support a broad range of use cases from extremely parallelized, scale-out workloads which needs the main possible throughput to lone-threaded, latency-receptive workloads. Use cases like lift-and-shift venture applications, huge data analytics, web serving and content organization, workflows, database backups, application improvement and testing, media and entertainment and container storage.


Dynamic Elasticity

Amazon EFS by design and immediately set scales your file structure storage capability up or down as you put in or take away files without disturbing your applications, providing you the storage you require– when you require it. You easily create your file structure and begin adding files with no need to proviso storage in advance.

Scalable Performance

Amazon EFS is made to give the throughput, IOPS, and low latency required for Linux works. Throughput and IOPS scale as a file structure grows and can rupture to higher throughput levels for squat periods of time to sustain the unpredictable presentation requires of file work. For the most demanding workloads, Amazon EFS can sustain performance more than10 GB/sec and up to 500,000 IOPS.

Shared file storage

Amazon EFS gives safe access for thousands of associates. Amazon EC2 instances and on-camps servers can at the same time access a shared Amazon EFS file system using a conventional file permissions copy, file locking abilities, and hierarchical directory structure through the NFSv4 procedure. Amazon EC2 instances can contact your file structure athwart AZs and regions while on campus servers can right of entry using AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN.

Fully Managed

Amazon EFS is a totally managed tune given that shared file structure storage for Linux workloads. It gives an easy crossing point allowing one to make and put together file systems hurriedly and manages the file storage space road and rail network for you, eliminating the difficulty of deploying, maintaining, patching and the underpinnings of a file arrangement.


With Amazon EFS storage space, you give only for what you utilize. There is no must to proviso storage in progress and there are no smallest amount commitments or honest fees. With Lifecycle administration, you can by design budge files that have not been accessed for 30 days to a cost-optimized storage space class, dropping storage costs by up to 85%.

Security and compliance

Amazon EFS permits you to safely admission to your files using your on hand security road and rail network. Direct admittance to your Amazon EFS file systems with POSIX permissions, Amazon VPC, and AWS IAM. Protect your data by encrypting your data at break and in transfer. Amazon EFS also meets a lot of eligibility and fulfillment necessities to aid you meet your dogmatic requirements.

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