AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

It allows you to administer access to AWS services and resources safely. With the use of IAM, you can make and administer AWS users and groups, and utilize permissions to let and refute their access to AWS resources.

Of your AWS account IAM is a feature provide at no extra cost. You will have to pay only for utilization of other AWS services by your users.

To begin with the utilization of IAM, or if with AWS you have previously registered, go to the AWS Management Console and begin with these IAM Best Practices.

Use Cases

Fine-grained access control to AWS resources

IAM allows your users to control access to AWS service APIs and to particular resources. IAM also allows you to include particular conditions like time of day to manage how a user can utilize AWS, their originating IP address, whether they are utilizing SSL, or whether they have verified with a multi-factor authentication device.

Multi-factor authentication for extremely privileged users

Protect your AWS environment with the use of AWS MFA, a security feature obtainable at no additional cost that enhances user name and password credentials. MFA need users to show physical possession of a hardware MFA token or MFA-allowed mobile device by offering a official MFA code.

For mobile applications manage access control with Web Identity Providers

You can allow your mobile and browser-based applications to safely access AWS resources by asking for provisional security credentials that permits access only to particular AWS resources for a configurable stage of time.

Incorporate with your corporate directory

IAM can be utilizing to allow your employees and applications amalgamate access to the AWS Management Console and AWS service APIs, with the use of your current identity systems like Microsoft Active Directory.

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How it works

IAM helps in creating roles and permissions
AWS IAM enables you to:
  • Manage IAM users and their access - You can make users in IAM, allocate them individual security credentials), or ask for provisional security credentials to offer users access to AWS resources and services. You can administer permissions in order to manage which operations a user can execute.

  • Manage IAM roles and their permissions - You can make roles in IAM and administer permissions to manage which operations can be executed by the entity or AWS service that accept the role. You can also describe which entity is enabled to accept the role. Additionally, you can utilize service-linked roles to allotted permissions to AWS services that make and administer AWS resources on your behalf.

  • Manage federated users and their permissions - You can allow identity federation to let current identities (users, groups, and roles) in your organization to access the AWS Management Console, access resources and call AWS APIs with no the requirement to generate an IAM user for all individuality.

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