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AWS RoboMaker

It is a service that makes it simple to develop, test, and organize intelligent robotics applications at scale. RoboMaker expands the mainly extensively used open-source robotics software framework, Robot Operating System (ROS), with connectedness to cloud services. This contains AWS machine learning services, analytics services and monitoring services, that allow a robot to stream data, comprehend, navigate, communicate, and learn. RoboMaker offers application development a robotics development environment, a robotics simulation service to speed up application testing, and a robotics fleet management service for remote application deployment, management and update.

Robots are machines that sense, calculate, and take action. Robots require instructions to achieve tasks, and these commands come in the form of applications that developer’s code to establish how the behavior of the robot. Receiving and processing sensor data, performing a specific task and controlling actuators for movement are all functions that are characteristically automated by these intelligent robotics applications. In warehouses to distribute inventory, in homes to carry out tedious housework, as well as in retail stores, intelligent robots are being increasingly used to provide customer service.

In order to perform more complex tasks robotics applications use machine learning and the tasks are like recognizing an object or face, following a spoken command, having a conversation with a person, or navigating autonomously. Till now, developing, testing, and deploying intelligent robotics applications were hard and very time consuming. Creating intelligent robotics functionality with the use of machine learning is multifaceted and needs specialized skills. To test an application can take months due to the underlying infrastructure needed, setting up a development environment can take every developer days and building a realistic simulation system. The time an application has been developed as well as tested, a developer requires to create a deployment system to organize the application into the robot and afterward update the application as the robot is in use.

AWS RoboMaker offers the tools to build building intelligent robotics applications more available, a completely administer simulation service for rapid and simple testing, and a deployment service for lifecycle management. AWS RoboMaker eradicates the heavy lifting from every step of robotics development so you can concentrate on developing innovative robotics applications.


Get started quickly

It contains sample robotics applications to guide you to begin rapidly. These offer the starting point for the voice command, acknowledgment, monitoring, and fleet management abilities that are characteristically needed for intelligent robotics applications. With robotics application code and simulation application code sample applications come. The sample simulation applications come with previously created worlds like retail stores, indoor rooms and racing tracks so you can begin in few minutes. In the development environment ,you can change and create on the code of the robotics application or simulation application or use your own custom applications.

Build intelligent robots

As it is pre-integrated with famous AWS analytics, monitoring services and machine learning, to your robotics application it’s simple to add functions such as video streaming, voice command and response, face and object recognition, or metrics and logs collection. RoboMaker offers additions for cloud services such as Amazon Kinesis (video stream), Amazon Lex (speech recognition), Amazon Rekognition (image and video analysis),Amazon CloudWatch (logging and monitoring) and Amazon Polly (speech generation) to developers who are utilizing Robot Operating System, or ROS. These services are rendered as ROS packages so that you can simply use them to create intelligent functions into your robotics applications with no requirement to learn a new framework or programming language.

Lifecycle management

From building and deploying the application, to monitoring and updating a complete fleet of robots administer the lifecycle of a robotics application. You can deploy an application to a fleet of robots with the use of AWS RoboMaker fleet management. You can monitor these robots all through their lifecycle to understand CPU, speed, battery, memory, and more with the use of CloudWatch metrics and logs extension for ROS. When a robot requires an update, you can utilize RoboMaker simulation for failure testing prior to deploying the fix or new feature via RoboMaker fleet management.

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