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Aws Comprehend

It is a natural language processing (NLP) service that utilizes machine learning to discover relationships and insights in text. No machine learning experience needed.

There is a fortune trove of probable sitting in your formless data. Customer product reviews, emails, support tickets, social media, yet advertising copy signify insights into customer emotions for your business that can be put to work. The question is how to get at it? As it turns out, Machine learning is mainly good at precisely recognizing particular items of concern inside vast swathes of text, and can learn the emotion secreted within language at approximately boundless scale.

Amazon Comprehend utilizes machine learning to guide you uncover the relationships and insights in your unstructured data. The service recognizes the language of the text; haul out key phrases, people, places, brands, or events; recognizes how positive or negative the text is; evaluates text with the use of tokenization and parts of speech; and automatically manages a set of text files by topic.

You can also utilize AutoML abilities in Amazon Comprehend to construct a text classification models or custom set of entities that are customized exclusively to your organization’s requirements.

For hauling out multifaceted medical information from unstructured text, you can utilize Amazon Comprehend Medical. The service can recognize medical information, like medical conditions, dosages, medications, strengths, and frequencies from a diversity of causes such as doctor’s notes, patient health records and clinical trial reports. Amazon Comprehend Medical also recognizes the relationship amongst the haul out medication and test, procedure and treatments details for simpler analysis.

Amazon Comprehend is completely managed, so there are no need for servers to provision, and no machine learning models to build, train, or deploy. There are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments; you pay only for what you use.


Get better answers from your text

Amazon Comprehend can determine the relationships and meaning in text from customer support events, product reviews, news articles, social media feeds, documents, and other sources.

Organize documents by topics

Amazon Comprehend can consider a compilation of documents and other text files and organize automatically them by related terms or topics. You can then utilize the topics to deliver modified content to your clients or to offer richer search and navigation.

Train models on your own data

You can simply expand Amazon Comprehend to recognize particular terms, like policy numbers or part codes. You can also expand Comprehend to categorize documents and messages in a method that makes logic for your business, such as social media posts by product or customer support inquiries by request. Addition this customization needs no machine learning knowledge. You easily offer your labels and a little set of examples for every, and rest is taken care by Comprehend.

Support for general and industry specific text

Powered by state-of-the-art machine learning models, it can determine insights from formless text such as social media posts, web pages and emails. Amazon Comprehend Medical also recognizes medical information, like medication and medical conditions, and decides their relationship to each other.

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