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Amazon WorkLink

It is a completely managed service that allows you offer your employees with protected, simple access to your internal corporate websites and web apps with the use of their mobile phones. Traditional solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and device management software are not convenient to utilize on the go, and frequently need the utilization of custom browsers that have a poor user experience. As a result, employees a lot miss utilizing them altogether.

Employees can access internal web content as simply as they access some public website with Amazon WorkLink, with no hassle of linking to their corporate network. While an internal website is accessed by the user, the page is primary make in a browser running in a safe container in AWS. Amazon WorkLink then delivers the contents of that page as vector graphics to employee phones as protecting the interactivity and functionality of the page. This approach is extra safe than traditional solutions as on employee phones internal content is by no means stored or cached by the browser, and employee devices by no means links straightly to your corporate network.

There are no long-term commitments or minimum fees with Amazon WorkLink . You only pay for users that link to the service every month, and bandwidth consumption there is no additional charge.


Flawless Mobile Access

Amazon WorkLink guides your employees instantaneously access internal websites with no need to log into a VPN client or open an app.

Enhanced Security

In a browser running in a secure container in AWS, Amazon WorkLink makes the content of your websites, prior to transfering the contents of that page to employee phones as vector graphics.

Easy for IT

Amazon WorkLink allows safe, one-click access to internal web content in spite of of where it is hosted. Amazon WorkLink does not need you to transfer your content to AWS, and works with your obtainable infrastructure.

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