Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)

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Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)

It is an extremely scalable, great-performance container orchestration service that supports Docker containers and enables you to simply run and scale containerized applications on AWS. Amazon ECS eradicates the requirement for you to install and functions your own container orchestration software, administer and scale a bunch of virtual machines, or schedule containers on those virtual machines.

With easy API calls, you can launch and stop Docker-enabled applications, query the total state of your application, and access many common characteristics like IAM roles, load balancers, AWS CloudFormation templates, security groups, Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS CloudTrail logs.

Why use Amazon ECS?

Containers without servers

The characteristic of Amazon ECS is AWS Fargate, so you can organize and manage containers without the requirement for provision or manage servers. With Fargate, machines to run containers or schedule containers to run on clusters and maintain their availability, you do not have to choose Amazon EC2 instance types, provision, and scale clusters of virtual. Fargate enables you to focus on running applications and buildings, not the basic infrastructure.

Containerize Everything

Amazon ECS allow you simply build every sort of containerized applications, from microservices and long-running applications to batch jobs and machine learning applications. You can migrate Windows applications or legacy Linux from on-premises to the cloud and as containerized applications run them using Amazon ECS.


In your own Amazon VPC Amazon ECS starts your containers, enabling you to use your VPC network ACLs and security groups. With other customers No compute resources are shared. You can also allocate granular access permissions for your every container with the use of IAM to restrict access to every service and what resources a container can access. This great level of isolation guides you to use Amazon ECS to build extremely secure and consistent applications.

Performance at Scale

It is built on technology developed from various years of experience running extremely scalable services. Tens or tens of thousands of Docker containers can be launched by you in seconds using Amazon ECS with no extra complexity.

AWS Integration

It is deeply integrated with AWS services containing Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon VPC, Amazon ECR, AWS Batch, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CodeStar, AWS CloudFormation and AWS CloudTrail. This offers you a full solution for building and running a vast range of containerized applications.

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When to use Amazon ECS


Amazon ECS guides you run microservices applications with inhabitant incorporation to AWS services and allowing incessant integration and incessant deployment (CICD) pipelines.

Batch Processing

Amazon ECS allows you run batch workloads with controlled or custom schedulers on Amazon EC2 On-Demand Instances, Spot Instances or Reserved Instances.

Application Migration to the Cloud

Legacy enterprise applications can be containerized and simply transferred to Amazon ECS with no requirement of code changes.

Machine Learning

Amazon ECS makes it simple to containerize ML models for both inference and training. You can make ML models made up of loosely coupled, distributed services that can be located on any number of platforms, or close to the data that the applications are examined.

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