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Amazon DynamoDB

It is a document and key-value database that delivers at any scale single-digit millisecond performance. It's a completely controlled, multimaster, multiregion database with backup and restore, in-built security, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. DynamoDB can handle beyond 10 trillion requests /day and support peaks of beyond 20 million requests /second.

Numerous of the world's fastest growing businesses like Airbnb, Lyft, and Redfin as well as companies such as Toyota, Samsung, and Capital One depend on the scale and performance of DynamoDB to support their mission-critical workloads.

Beyond 100,000 AWS customers have selected DynamoDB as their document database and key-value for mobile, gaming, ad tech, web, IoT, and other applications that require low-latency data access at any scale. For your application built a new table and allow DynamoDB to handle the rest.



Some of the world’s largest scale applications is supported Amazon DynamoDB by offering reliable, single-digit millisecond reply times at every scale. You can create applications with almost unlimited storage and throughput. DynamoDB global tables duplicate your data across numerous AWS Regions to provide you fast, local access to data for your worldwide distributed applications. For use cases that need even faster access with microsecond latency, DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) offers a complete managed in-memory cache.


There are no servers to patch, provision or manage with DynamoDB and no software to install, operate or maintain. DynamoDB mechanically scales tables up and down to regulate for capacity and maintain performance.Accessibility and fault tolerance are built in, eradicating the requirement to architect your applications for these abilities. DynamoDB offers on-demand and provisioned capacity modes so that you can amend costs by identifying capacity per workload, or the resources you consume only pay for them.


ACID transactions are supported by DynamoDB to allow you to build business-critical applications at scale. Every data by default is encrypted by DynamoDB and offers fine-grained identity and on all your tables the access control. You can built complete backups of hundreds of terabytes of data right away without performance impact to your tables, and recuperate to any point in time in the prior 35 days with no downtime. For guaranteed availability DynamoDB is also backed by a service level agreement.

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Use cases


Create powerful web applications that automatically scale up and down. You don't have to maintain servers, and your applications have automated great availability.


Create reusable and flexible microservices with the use of DynamoDB as a serverless data store for reliable and fast performance.


Build tailored mobile apps with hassle-free experiences for your users. You can focus on your applications and for that DynamoDB takes care of operational tasks.


Build real-time bidding platforms and suggestion engines with the throughput, scalability and availability of DynamoDB.


Build responsive games for console, mobile, and desktop with DynamoDB. Store and query game data such as player high scores, state, or world dynamic content.


Examine your devices by linking your high-velocity, high-volume IoT data in DynamoDB to Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight.

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