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Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cloud-based email sending administration intended to support digital advertisers and application designers send promoting, warning, and value-based messages. It is a dependable, cost-savvy administration for organizations of all sizes that utilization email to stay in touch with their clients.

You can utilize our SMTP interface or one of the AWS SDKs to incorporate Amazon SES legitimately into your current applications. You can likewise coordinate the email sending capacities of Amazon SES into the software that you as of now use, for example, ticketing frameworks and email customers.



Amazon SES incorporates features for example, content separating technologies, devoted IP addresses, and a notoriety dashboard help secure and improve your sender notoriety. Keeping up a decent notoriety guarantees that your messages will surely reach your clients' message box.


Pay as you go, and pay only for what you are using. There are no forthright expenses, no time-taking pricing exchanges, no fixed costs, and no base charges. Furthermore, in the event that you send from an application presented in Amazon EC2, the initial 62,000 messages you send each month are absolutely free.


Use configuration sets to make guidelines that are connected to the emails you send utilizing Amazon SES. Send email measurements to Amazon CloudWatch for further examination, or get notices through Amazon SNS.

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Use Cases


Keep your clients refreshed by sending auto scheduled emails, for example, buy affirmations, shipping notices, order notices, and plan change notifications.


Keep your clients up to date by sending on time information, including framework health reports, application cautions, and work process notices.


Advertise your items and services by sending commercials, pamphlets, exceptional offers, and some other sort of great substance that your clients need to see.


Close the circle on your email program by utilizing Amazon SES to get email. Approaching email can be conveyed consequently to an Amazon S3 basket. You can utilize AWS Lambda to execute custom code when messages are accepted, or use Amazon SNS to convey notices when you get approaching messages that contain certain watchwords.

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