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It is a communications service allows you chat, meet and place business calls inside and outside your business, entirely with the use of a single application. You have the flexibility to select the characteristics that you require for online meetings, business calling and video conferencing and pay only when you utilize them with Amazon Chime.

Amazon Chime Voice Connector is a service that transmits your voice traffic above the internet and flexibly scales to meet up your ability requires. This allows you save money by eradicating fixed telephone network costs and make your voice network administration easy by transitioning it to the AWS Cloud.


Scheduling a meeting

Simple to schedule: Utilize your calendar and include to your meeting invite. Adding up will allow Chime to call you so you can make sure your meetings begin on time.

Personalized meeting links: Generate and utilize modified meeting URLs for your online meetings.

Joining a meeting

Make join experience easy: Connect with a easy tap, and evade the requirement for long passcodes, or select “Running Late” to allow everybody recognize you're running behind schedule.

Join Meetings with Alexa: You can easily say “Alexa, start my meeting”, and Alexa obtain your meeting ongoing.

Amazon Chime call me: In the web application you easily enter your phone number and reply to the incoming call with Amazon Chime call me to join a meeting.

Dial-in: Amazon Chime provides dial-in numbers in more than 80 countries and low per minute rates.

Participating in a meeting

Screen share: Your screen and personal details can be shared easily without requesting permission. For richer association you can also permit remote control of a screen share.

Visual roster: The visual roster allows you observe who has connected or refused the meeting, who is currently speaking, who is running late, and you mute the background noises as Amazon Chime allows you observe where background noise is coming from.

Video Tiles: You can allow video with single click to visually communicate with your meeting attendees. Picture-in-picture for 1:1 meetings and featured video are supported by Amazon Chime.

Record your meetings: You can share vital meetings with colleagues and replay as required, as Amazon Chime enables you to record your meetings.


Video conferencing: on your desktop, you can utilize high-definition video conferencing and great-quality wideband audio for up to 16 people, or 8 people on mobile devices.

Conference room video systems: Most Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323 video conferencing systems are supported by Amazon Chime, and meeting participants can unite meetings by just getting in the meeting ID into the device console.


Chat: You can utilize Amazon Chime to chat with colleagues straightly, in a chat room or in a group. You can search contacts, share attachments up to 50 megabytes, conversations, and chat rooms, and read chat across every device.

Chat rooms: Chat Rooms can be built to allow numerous users to work together on share files with colleagues, projects, and utilize @mentions to direct messages to precise participants. To the number of users there is no limit that can be invited to an individual users and chat room can link as numerous chat rooms as required.

1:1 voice and video calls: You can create immediate person-to-person voice and video calls (VoIP) allowing you rapidly expand from messaging to voice or video chat as required.

Smart Presence: Amazon Chime utilizes smart presence to indicate your status, where green means you’re obtainable, and red indicates you’re busy. You can also physically put your presence to specify that you’re not obtainable, or hide your presence status completely.

Incoming Web Hooks: Into Amazon Chime chat rooms developers can construct their applications to utilize incoming webhooks to post messages.

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