Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

It enables you plan a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud where the AWS resources in a virtual network can be launch that you define. You have full control on your virtual networking environment, containing choice of your own IP address range, making of subnets, and configuration of network gateways and route tables. You can use both IPv4 and IPv6 in your VPC for protected and simple access to resources and applications.

For your Amazon VPC, you can simply modify the network configuration. For example, for your web servers you can make a public-facing subnet that have access to the Internet, and in a private-facing subnet fit your backend systems like application or database servers without Internet access. You can influence numerous layers of security, containing security groups and network access control lists, to guide control access to Amazon EC2 instances in each subnet.



It offers superior security features, like security groups and network access control lists, to allow inbound and outbound filtering at the subnet level and instance level. Additionally, you can save data in Amazon S3 and limit access so that it’s only available from instances in your VPC. Optionally, you can also select to launch Dedicated Instances which run on hardware devoted to a single customer for added isolation.


You can build a VPC rapidly and simply with the use of the AWS Management Console. You can choose one of the general network setups that best match your requirements and press "Start VPC Wizard." Subnets, route tables, IP ranges and security groups are automatically made for you thus you can focus on building the applications to run in your VPC.


It offers the entirely same advantages as the rest of the AWS platform. You can right away scale your resources up or down, choose the right Amazon EC2 instances types and sizes for your applications, and only pay for the resources you use - all inside Amazon’s proven infrastructure.


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  • A diversity of connectivity choices exist for your Amazon VPC. You can link your VPC to your data center, to the Internet, or other VPCs, depending on the AWS resources that you require to expose publicly as well as those you want to keep private.
  • Link directly to the Internet (public subnets)– Into a publicly accessible subnet you can launch instances where they can send and receive traffic from the Internet.
  • Link to the Internet with the use of Network Address Translation (private subnets) –For example, Private subnets can be used that you won’t wish to be directly addressable from the Internet. Without exposing their private IP address by routing their traffic via a Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway in a public subnet, instances in a private subnet can access the Internet
  • Link safely to your corporate datacenter– In your VPC, entire traffic to and from instances can be routed to your corporate datacenter above an industry standard, encrypted IPsec hardware VPN connection.
  • Link confidentially to other VPCs- Peer VPCs jointly to share resources across numerous virtual networks possessed by your or other AWS accounts.
  • Confidentially link to SaaS solutions supported by AWS PrivateLink.
  • Confidentially link your internal services across diverse accounts and VPCs within your own organizations; considerably make simpler your internal network architecture.

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