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Amazon QuickSight is a quick, cloud-powered business knowledge service that makes it simple to convey bits of knowledge to everybody in your organization. As a completely managed administration, QuickSight lets you effectively make and distribute intelligent dashboards that incorporate ML Insights. Dashboards would then penetrate from any device, and installed into your applications, portals, and websites. With our Pay-per-Session valuing, QuickSight enables you to give everybody access to the data they need, while paying for what you use.


Pay just for what you use

QuickSight's pay-per-session evaluating implies you possibly pay when your clients get to the dashboards or reports. With QuickSight there are no forthright costs, no yearly duties, and no charges for dormant clients, enabling you to connect everybody to the information they need.

Scale from 10 users to 10,000

With its server less design, QuickSight scales naturally to a huge number of users, without requiring any extra framework or requirement for capacity planning. With QuickSight, there are no servers for arrangement and manage and no software to install, manage, or work.

Implant self-service data analytics

Improve your applications with QuickSight dashboards and diagrams, while setting aside time and cash on advancement and support. You can engage your clients with self-service investigation by installing QuickSight visuals safely in your application utilizing consistent verification and amazing APIs.

Construct start to finish BI arrangements

QuickSight effectively coordinates with your cloud and on premises data sources including local integration to AWS administrations, for example, RedShift, S3, Athena, Aurora, RDS, IAM, CloudTrail, Cloud Directory – furnishing you with all that you have to assemble a end-to-end BI arrangement.

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Use Cases

Bundled data items

Use QuickSight to make a branded, collective platform for conveying intelligent reports and dashboards to your accomplices and customers. construct your data by offering separated services that make new income streams and more profound associations with your clients.

Upgraded analytics features for your applications

Putting convincing, value-added data administrations and features to your applications in only a few hours. Furnish your clients with present day dashboards and reports that exploit QuickSight's rich highlights like ML Insights and Auto-Narratives to get your clients to the bits of knowledge they need.

Incorporate data into your work processes

Assemble information and experiences legitimately into your client's work process by inserting dashboards and reports into your portals, inner destinations and applications.

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