Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK)

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Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK)

Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon MSK) is a completely managed service, which makes it easier for its users to create and run applications that depend on Apache Kafka in order to run streaming data. Apache Kafka is a program that is used for developing real-time streaming applications and data pipelines. By using Amazon MSK, users can avail usage of Kafka APIs for spreading data lakes, doing some changes in the database, discovering analytics app and power machine learning.

Apache Kafka clusters are ambitious to setup, scale and production management. When users operate Apache Kafka on their own, they should manually organize the server, if Apache Kafka is configured manually if the server fails then change, then the orchestration server patches and upgrades, Architect cluster for high availability. make sure the data is stored and safe, plan carefully cabling events to support setup monitoring and alarm and load changes. With Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka, it becomes easier for users to create and operate production applications without the need for expertise in Kafka's infrastructure management. This means that it is less time-consuming for users to look after infrastructure and more time-consuming for developing applications.

Amazon MSK helps its users to build highly available Apache Kafka clusters in a few clicks through settings and configuration based on Apache Kafka’s deployment best practices. The Apache Kafka clusters of its users are automatically provisioned and operated by Amazon MSK. Moreover, it constantly looks after the cluster health and automatically replaces unhealthy nodes within less time for application. The Amazon MSK with the help of encrypting data secures its Apache Kafka cluster. Amazon MSK runs highly available Apache Kafka clusters that are already there in AWS integration that promote app development.

It's easy to start with Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka. The AWS Management Console, CLI or SDK, provide subnets to users want to connect privately to the Amazon MSK cluster, specify the amount of broker and storage the user needs per broker and builds user's Apache Kafka cluster.


Completely Accessible

Amazon MSK operates and monitors Apache Kafka for its users. Thus, it becomes easier for its users to move and run Apache Kafka applications without changing the application code to AWS. Users can manage open source compatibility and use familiar custom and community-built tools such as MirrorMaker that offers replication of the streams.

Easy to operate

Amazon MSK lets its users to focus on building a streaming app without worrying about Apache Kafka management environment. Also, it monitors the provision, configuration, and maintenance of Apache Kafka Cluster and Apache Zucker Nodes for its users. In the AWS Console, Amazon MSK represents major Apache Kafka performance metrics in the AWS Console.

Great Availability

The amazon MSK builds an Apache Kafka cluster and provides multi-AZ replication by covering an AWS area. Amazon MSK constantly monitors cluster health, and if in any case of component failure, Amazon MSK will change it instantly.

Fully Secure

Amazon MSK offers a number of levels of security that includes network alienation, Amazon VPC, AWS IAM, and encryption on the rest for control VPN authorization. The encryption support of Amazon MSK is combined with the AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

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How it works

Apache Kafka is a streaming data store, which determines applications that create streaming data (producers) in their data store with applications that use streaming data (consumers) from their data store. Organizations use Apache Kafka as a data source for applications that continuously analyze and respond to the stream.

With just a few clicks in the Amazon MSK console, Amazon MSK offers your Apache Kafka cluster and manages the upgrades of Apache Kafka for using the safest and fastest version of Apache Kafka. When the users configure their clusters, their app can stream data to producers, where this data is read by consumers in real-time.

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